Rev. Robbie Parsons
Robbie Parsons grew up in South Charleston, WV enjoying comic books, GI Joes, Star Wars and soccer. He was saved at the age of seven at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Kanawha City and baptised three months later. Robbie and his wife, Kristin, are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary this August, and they have one child, KrisAnna, age 7. He became interested in creation science as a teenager, and his interest has grown into a ministry from God. Robbie's ministerial licensing and ordination took place at his home church of Rock Branch Independent Church.

Another unique aspect of Robbie's life and ministry is the medical adversity that he and his family have endured, giving both of them a keen heart for those who suffer. As a senior in high school, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and eventually received a bone marrow transplant. His wife, Kristin, was diagnosed with the same exact leukemia five years ago that was put in remission. Since then, she has dealt with congestive heart failure, numerous infections, a bilateral amputation and a diagnosis of Myelodisplastic Syndrome, which eventually develops into a different form of leukemia. God's grace has been sufficient, and He has never left them wanting.

  • 6 Reasons for 6 days - This lesson presents easy to understand evidence for a “young earth.” It helps the average Christian layman easily and comfortably defend his or her faith that six days means just that – six days and not ages! Topics covered include uses of the word “day,” physical processes that prove the earth and universe cannot be billions of years old, and that fossils equate death.
  • 6 Truths About Dinosaurs from God's Holy Bible - Humans have been entranced with these fascinating reptiles which supposedly never met up with a man and lived millions of years ago. Are these assumptions true, though? Take a biblical look at these intriguing creatures in the light of the truth from God’s Word. Topics covered include “The Word Dinosaur is not in the Bible,” “Dinosaurs in the Bible?” and “What Happened to the Dinosaurs?”
  • Evidence for a Worldwide Flood - This workshop renders evidence that builds the case that the Noahic Flood could not have been a local event, but a worldwide flood. If that flood was worldwide, it could explain the reason for so many sedimentary layers with so many fossils across the globe. Topics discussed include “Geologic Evidence” and ”Logical Questions to Ask.”
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