Daniel Hoskins
KCSG President
Daniel lives in the community of Rand, WV and was saved at the age of six. He worked in with Child Evangelism Fellowship from 1989-1992 as a Summer Missionary. He joined the KCSG in 2001 and has been serving as the Group's third president since 2008.
  • Satan's Lie - This presentation dissects the lie that Satan used to deceive Eve in the Garden of Eden and illustrates how he continues to use that same lie in different forms to deceive people today.
  • Creation Science: What It Is & Why It's Important - This presentation examines why it's important that we look at the world around us from a Biblical perspective rather than an evolutionary one. These two worldviews are contrasted. This presentation also briefly describes some of the work of Christians who contributed to the foundations of modern science.
  • Living Fossils - This presentation showcases animals that were once only known from the fossil record but were later found alive. Living fossils are then used to demonstrate that the fossil record shows rapid burial and a catastrophic flood rather than long ages.
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